A kind of proof…

Pardon my arrogant-look-a-like presumption, but I think the ideea is nice enough not to limit its horizon of reach (doritorilor, exista varianta in romana, dedesubt)…

„Is there a God?”

That’s where it all begins, doesn’t it? And it is a very good question specifically because it’s the wrong one. Is there… Brrr, so sceptic (N. Stein. pointed it for me). It almost requires a picture of Him.

By the way, what will be the satisfying proof? Which inexorable argument will make us thoroughly accept „Yes, now I see there is a infinite superior beeing, that is watching over and guide me!” It’s hard to conceive such validation, when you get to formulate the need, ain’t it? Hear a voice nobody seem to perceive, in your head? Hmmm, I am pretty sure that technology surpasses this challenge, these days… Seeing, as Kierkegaard brilliantly suggested, a big red parrot comming down the plaza, in midday, preaching? If they cannot come up with a realistic robo, I’m sure they have the means to induce that hypnosis chemically… Can anyone think at an inextricable proof? A long-lasting-after apocalyptic one seems valid, but that would be obsolete already, no? Conclusion: there cannot be a such a proof!

Wrong! There is one that could shake our strong uncertainty. A perfect wisdom. This is all our superiority, the pride of the Sapiens species, lays onto, right? The expression of a truth so pure, that not only would be impossible to contest, but inimaginable, in the first place. Something that will strip from us exhaustively and forever the petty egocentristic opinions about the Universe.

And this is where another problem interferes. How can you revelate such pure truth to a deffensive managed by a strong sufficiency, sustained vigorously by intelligence (the bigger, the harder is to acknowledge the self-glorification, from within…)? Unjustified pride has its own truth – sono l’ombelico del mondo! – which it will not give up easily. Well, I reckon that a perfect wisdom would have find a solution. It probably explains the existance of church, dogma, rituals. How does one manage an utterly stubborn child? By tricking him. By luring him with something. By menacing him, if all the rest fails. Or by telling him a story, with hidden moral values…

I cannot stop wondering, by-the-way, why aren’t stories outhere about the winning dark-side, except twisted-art-consumers dedicated?…

Mysticism appears, in this case, the only way to go, one would think. Not necessarily. Because praying, chanting and attending mass are merely figures of speech. What good will do to a perfect beeing the scent of our incense? Maybe if He would have a personal self-indulging ego, but that would defeat the whole concept, isn’t it? The only sensitive answer would be that an infinite wisdom will do whatever is necessary to guide us to what it knows we can be. Better. Wiser. „Perfect”-er. And all we should do in order to achieve this is give up our own individual truths. To accept our lack of perfection, as well as to believe that it is in our grasp. To enterprise.

There is, of course, the alternative of „I don’t believe God exists, and have no time to waste on this kind of crap”. Yep, but without an impartial referee, we can see how well it worked for us, so far… Each on his own. Can’t trust nobody, ‘cause everybody has his own agenda. Anyone can be a potential threat. You can make friends, but caution!, you never know… Why would we even bother to choose this as a belief, when nothing is proved beyond a reasonable doubt? And if we still choose to do it, ain’t it because we don’t like the ideea of an ubiquitous someone above, watching? That we invoke big notions like „freedom” or „obscurity of moral laws” only to justify our tendency to cheat?…

It seems that it is not important whether we can find proof of God’s existence or not, but what we think He is. How generous our imagination can be. In other words, we must always be aware that Man was created in His own image, not the other way around…


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