Some things I’m still learning about.

– Nothing should break a word given, but two explicit things: when keeping the promise is doing the wrong thing, and the unforced absolition from it’s bearer.

– Try not to get late. You won’t always succeed, but your efforts will be truly appreciated.

– Don’t do anything you don’t like. It seldom is unavoidable. But will probably require a bit of sincerity.

– Do not present the things slightly better, especially those about in your favor. First-impression is overated. Disappointment is not.

– Feeling bad is a mere lack of adaptation. It is not related to the context, it’s about misunderstanding free-will. Thinking „With a bit of luck, it could have gone another way…”, when the only important element of focus should be „What will make it go the other way next time?”.

About Mishamojo

Work in progress.
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