Is there a „me” in „enemy”?…

The concept of „enemy” is a false syllogism.

By definition, an enemy is someone that I should fight because he sees things differently, and that intereferes with my pursuit of happiness.

By logic, there cannot be an enemy, if you get to know the person. There is certain resent, a need to avoid, but not pure hate. You can only harm someone when fear surpasses logic, when we believe diplomacy and reasoning don’t stand a chance, and there is a need to act.

And we are wrong, for decades, now. We need not fear humans, not to this degree. Fear is natural, as a mean of learning about the unknown; but, allowed to cover everything we know to be familiar, it could easily become a burden. We don’t need, and definitely don’t want to think that anyone could harm us, we are taught that. And only because some jerks think that there is more profit in tension, than there is in calm.

„Know thine enemy” could be that entirely other mean of winning…

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