On love.

In the end, love is just a concept, an illusion. It is the realisation of the fact that your pleasure resides in your loved one’s happiness. That does not mean love’s effects aren’t real. It only means that its presumed goals are mere shadows. Love is an idea, it shouldn’t have a purpose. Love simply makes things work better, that’s all.

If you are trying to obtain something from it, you will be deceived. You will suffer. The greatest lesson that love will grant you is that the only gain you’ll get in life is „true happiness is reflective”. And following only your obsessions will never get you there.

I’ve got this from a grape. It was so sweet while I was eating it, I loved it back.


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2 Responses to On love.

  1. Marginalia non turpia spune:

    David Bohm zicea că toate conceptele noastre sunt iluzorii, într-o lume holistică.

    Ce iluzii frumoase, unele!

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